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Lunch Table

Made for the Anti-Defamation League 2018 game jam! The goal of the jam was to make a game that helps players better understand others and themselves. While submissions for the jam could be 5 days after the start date, our particular jam site requested we upload them by Sunday evening so it was a very fast jam. Play here

The title of our game is Project: Lunch Table. This game features many individuals who are in dire need of a place to sit for lunch time. Each individual has traits about them that will subtly hint at what they like and what they do not like. These traits could be a preference to read, or perhaps disliking sports. The player has to then place the individual as best they can to their lunch tables. The groups at the lunch tables also have their own preferences we must consider before placing an individual in the group. For instance, we do not want someone who loves talking about their cat to be at a lunch table where they do not like cats. At the end of the game, the player is scored on how happy they are and how happy the groups at the lunch tables are.

Team Size: 4

Duration: 15 hours

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